Friday, March 18, 2011

Jermaine Jackson Wants You To Kiss His Ass

I awoke this morning, and after waking up with enough coffee to sink a small boat, and checked on Twitter. I was blocked by Jermaine Jackson.

I had to laugh, really I laughed, I couldn't care less. But thinking about why he would block me now compared to all the other things I said got me thinking about Jermaine Jackson's true purpose on Twitter.

Taking a step; back let me explain. A few days ago Jermaine started tweeting concerning a tribute and truth. And like many others I started taking wild stabs in the dark to what the hell he was on about. Admittedly, my first thought was that Jermaine was going to do another tribute concert. About 4 tweets later I jokingly put that it was going to be a book.

Well, lo and behold, it is a book.

I like many others felt this was Jermaine cashing in. Everyone thought the same when Rabbi Shmuley wrote his book; and many others who have written books since June 25, 2009. I even tweeted this idea that he was cashing in to Jermaine himself. And I got blocked.

Like I said I don't care. Jermaine has never tweeted anything that I cannot live without. But as I thought about it I looked into Jermaine writing a book. I remembered he had tried the same thing previously.

Back in 2006 there was a book proposal from Jermaine where he claimed: "Michael has 'a thing for young children' as well as a drug and alcohol problem that included a preference for Vicodin, Demerol, codeine, Percocet, cocaine, Jack Daniels and wine." Jermaine also claimed: "the former 'King Of Pop' paid former wife Debbie Rowe 'several million dollars' to bear two children fathered by a 'sperm donor'."

He also claimed: that their father Joe molested his sisters Rebbie and La Toya when they were children.

The proposal was withdrawn after Jermaine and other Jackson family members met to discuss its content and the effect that its publication could have. When Michael found out about the book he threatened to sue Jermaine and throw him out of the home he owns in Encino, California where Jermaine lives.

(Full article)

So when in 2011 Jermaine says he is going to be writing a book. You are damn right I am going to be skeptical about his reasons.

The guy is in court trying to get his child support payments down because he cannot afford them. So yeah, that does make it look like it is a case of cashing in. And like so many others, why didn't Jermaine write this book while Michael was able to defend what is said in this book? Was Jermaine worried that what he is writing is not the truth, and if Michael was able to say so he would prove Jermaine as a liar.

And let us not forget that Jermaine has been somewhat vocal on people cashing in on Michael's name and legacy. If he is not doing the same why leave it until 2 years after his brother's reported death to say what he feels?

So Jermaine blocked me for questioning his motives for releasing a book now. No big deal. But the old saying "Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it feels real good." really fits.

I do not use my Twitter account to kiss ass. I just tweet what I think and what I see. And if Jermaine cannot handle the truth he might want to rethink writing a book because the media is going to be a lot harsher on the final resulting book than I was.

So if Jermaine wants a flock of sheep that will follow, and kiss his ass, he can have them. But when people question him he should actually think of the things he has done in the past. Because his previous actions is the reason for questioning him now.


Cuss Count: Zero

Legal Notice: This post is based on free speech and free thought. Also it is worth noticing that the denial of the 2006 book proposal was only after it was rumored Michael Jackson would sue Jermaine; and kick him out of the house that Michael owned.


  1. agree doggy.and lets not forget*word to the badd*.i know it was a long time ago,but i think such feelings of jealousy/resentment run deep.cashing in is what it looks like,yep yep.he shouldve just gone ahead w/one of the many tribute concerts he tried to organize.after this long it almost looks desperate...

  2. Dearie me, you must have hit a raw nerve in Jermaine! Desperate times create desperate measures. He got himself into a hole and now he's trying to worm himself out!

    Jermaine Jackson has rubbished reports he had planned to write a tell-all book about his superstar brother Michael Jackson's private life as "lies". Speaking on US TV show Larry King Live, the 51-year-old dismissed stories published in the New York Daily News in which the publication claimed to have an eight-page synopsis dating from 2003 for his unpublished book Legacy: Surviving The Best And The Worst. Jermaine told host King the alleged manuscript, which contained numerous revelations about Michael, was faked by the book's co-author STACY BROWN and that he is considering legal action. However, Brown has warned Jermaine that he has his confessions on tape and that he took is consulting his lawyer. He says, "He'd be crying, spilling his guts, pouring his heart out for hours on end. I thought, 'Man, this is really deep.' "I've got Jermaine on tape, and the tapes are being turned over to attorney MEL SACHS." Meanwhile journalist Stacy Brown is forging ahead with plans to go public with tapes of conversations he had with Jermaine Jackson as part of a "very aggressive" slander suit against the singer.

  4. Right you are! I love it! And more importantly - this is the Truth. I really don`t believe this family.( I am sorry.) I love Michael and i wish him all the best, he deserves it!!!
    Thank you for your posts. Good luck!

  5. Stacey Brown? who is that? that is just plain cruel...


  6. stacy brown wrote a book with bob jones michael's longtime and trusted business manager.the book is Michael Jackson - the man behind the mask and quotes bob. the book opens with page1 stating that he got dismissed and quoting the wording of his dismissal - that sets the tone of the book i felt. the book was frist published in 2005.

    My question would be why if your a Jackson would you ever go to Stacy Brown, given this record. The agreement as i understand it was in 2006, so just one year later.

  7. The Jacksons are money hungry. MJs kids will be the same. Jermaine is a big knobhead with no knob..Hes always been jelous of michael.Latoya is another one that cant be trusted.June 25th was pay day for The Jacksons. And they love the spotlight even more. I love Michael but he must be pissed with alot of things his family does. beLIEve

  8. poor MJ he should have written the truth abt his family perhaps video-biography